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Just moved UK > USA - what power supply do I need now? 18V AC??

Started by peanutismint, February 26, 2019, 09:47:57 PM

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Just moved to the US and assume my 2box DrumIt Five PSU isn't going to cut it as it's only rated for ~230V input.

The label has all but worn off but it looks like it's an 18V AC adapter. Anybody have any more info than that? Will a standard one off eBay etc. work ok?


You would definitely need an AC/AC adaptor, not the usual AC/DC adaptors like almost all electronic devices use (inc the new Drumit3) So I would go to an electrical store and ask if they have one that will supply 18V AC. I am not sure of how many amps the drumit5 requires, so check that first.
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the stock power supply output specs are:

18VAC, 0.56A, 10VA