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Lustark SDSE Download Flagging my Virus Protection

Started by nohumanape, February 26, 2019, 04:04:11 PM

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I know that this is a piece of software that a lot of people in this forums use. Has anyone had this issue when they tried Downloading using Win 10? I looked into it a little and noticed that some pieces of software (like this) will trigger a false positive from over aggressive malware blocking software.

Any suggestions? Am I safe to just instal this software onto my computer?



You are safe. I also got this and after discussing with mr Lustark it turned out that it was a file in the 32 bit installation which false alarms. If you installed the 64 bit version the file is not even copied etc.

Best regards

Anders /
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Ok. Thank you! Can't wait to start moving sounds over to the Module!