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Tom split problem

Started by FooFighters, February 20, 2019, 08:19:58 AM

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Hi Guys,

I use my Drumit 3 in my Tama Superstar Classic setup.
Triggers are DDdrum Pro (AcTr2 input) and Roland CY series cymbals.

At the moment my kit has 12/14/16 toms (Toms2-4), 1x ride (Cym 2 @ CYPSB), 2x crashes (Cym 1-3 @ CYPS), 1x crash CY12C (at Tom1 @ PADPP). And afcourse hihat, snare and kick in the correct inputs.

I recently bough a Roland VH11 hit to replace my Roland CY12C/R that I used as hihat.
Now I got this spare crash and want to use that as a splash or china cymbal.

I tried 3 options

Option 1:  Used stereo splitter in TOM1 input to connect 2 Roland Cymbals (@ PADPP).
Result : Getting 2 exact the same cymbals sounds on both. When first one is hit, I can see it's TOM1 in unit page. When 2nd cymbal is hit also TOM1 (instead of TOM1 Rim).
When I enable splash sound in Kit page to Tom1 Rim, I get the China on bow and splash on edge on both cymbals.

Option 2 : Used stereo splitter in TOM3 input to connect 2 Ddrum Pro triggers (TOM3+TOM4).
Result : Similar to option 1. I get TOM3 on my 14 inch and also TOM3 on my 16 inch.
With TOM3 Rim sound as Splash there no way to get the splash sound when hitting the toms.

Option 3 : Used stereo splitter in SNARE input to connect 1 Ddrum Pro snare trigger and 1x CY12CR cymbal (PPAD).
Result (with splash on Snare Rim) : Snare sound on my cymbal (PADPP), Splash on Rim of snare (AcTr2).
At least 2 different sounds, but I cannot get the SNARE input to use heads, only rim.

Switching the cables in the splitter does not change anything.

Am I missing something ? Or is this a hardware mismatch ? Or my lack of experience  ;D

Hope somebody can point me in the right direction.


p.s. this is the splitter I used.. can the splitter be the problem ?


After double checking the splitter it seems that all connectors are stereo.
I have ordered 1x stereo (M) and  2x mono (F). Lets see if that fixes my problem.



This is the type of splitter for splitting the tom inputs. It has been discussed many times, searching the forum since there are 8 or 9 years worth of posts .... is a good idea.
I could tell you where to stick that piezo! :D ;)


Yep, the link the original poster quoted wouldn't work; it needs to be stereo to 2 x mono
I use these:

Highly recommended seller, I get all my cables from them.


Thanks for the help guys. I have ordered some Hosa YPP-117 splitters.