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Started by rlaboss, January 30, 2019, 08:13:07 PM

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In ‘TRIG’ mode, it says I should be able to toggle between GAIN, THRESH and CURVE simply by pressing the controller. That’s not happening.
Pressing ‘more’ at the same time doesn’t help, either.
I DID manage to make it work but it took a great deal of time. ‘CURVE’ has blinking at me for awhile now. What am I doing wrong? Thanks


The mystery has been solved. Thanks for all your input. I took a short video of me trying to toggle between parameters with no success. I sent it to 2box support and they tell me it appears I bought one with a technical issue. I will now be returning it to the dealer and either order a replacement or
ask for a refund. First impressions are important. This has not been a good start.