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Is there a way rip sounds from other modules to DrumIt3?

Started by nohumanape, February 12, 2019, 07:37:56 PM

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This might be a very stupid question. But seeing as there are ways to rip multi-layer sounds from VST's and export them onto the DrumIt3, are there ways to, say, get kits from an Alesis Strike or Roland TD-20/30 onto the DrumIt3?



Yes, to rip from VSTs you can use the nice SDSE tool from It will do the whole scenario.

For other drum modules you can prepare a midi file in a daw to send hits over midi to a the module that you want to rip (velocity 1-127 and let’s say, 5 seconds between each hit)
Record all the hits into wave files = one for each hit...or one complete wave file of it all....and then chop it up into 127 separate wave files)

These wavefiles can now be imported to DrumIt Editor or dsoundtool ...just to save it into a dsnd file...ready! (Then you need to do the process for each drum, rim etc...and finally compile the sounds in DrumIt Editor to a complete kit)

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