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Resonance head

Started by B.A.B.e., January 12, 2019, 10:05:58 AM

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Totally new here !
We are busy buying a Drumit 3 module with 2Box triggers set put on an acoustic kit with meshheads.
My question: is it still necessary to keep the resonance heads on the acoustic kit ? Is  there still a use for them ?
Please be nice, i'm not the drummer in the band but the one "playing" with "electronics"  ;)
Thanks a lot !



I have kept mine on. I don’t know the impact but my feeling is that it has no major impact for the sensors or triggering if they are mounted or not. (I kept them on for my three kits)

There is actually resonance mesh heads offered on the market. I believe that for an example 682drums have these on their site.

Best regards

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Hi there and welcome!
I would keep the resonant head on too. But you might want to put some foam dampening. I'd suggest about a 2 inch thick going from mesh head to resonant head wrapping the inside of the drum. This will help with triggering. You could probably get away with no dampening and one of the AC trigger settings. But if the drummer is going to be using lots of double kicks, a bit of dampening will seriously improved the triggering of fast notes as you could select a lower AC setting meant for toms/snare and not have to adjust mask time (the amount of time the module will allow a second trigger to happen)
Perhaps try it without first, but if you get into some triggering issues (double triggering or faster notes not being tracked after adjustment of AC setting and or mask time) put some dampening in. It might also feel better to play too, depends on the drummer though. We're all different!
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Thanks both of you. Really helpful !