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Yamaha PCY-135

Started by robcod, December 14, 2018, 06:18:10 PM

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So I am wondering if anyone has dialed in the pcy135 for a ride on the Drumit3? I had unplugged the choke switch when I had it on my D5 but with the new settings in the D3 I was hoping to use all 3 zones. The issue seems to be that sometimes a bell hit will trigger the edge. I can't get reliable separation and would rather not unplug the edge again.

Thanks all!


Should be quite easy to dial it in with three zones.

I was playing around and converted a CY-15R to a 3zone Yamaha joining the two switches In the same signal cable separated by a resistor.

I was getting great results running it on DI3 with Yamaha settings...CYPSY

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So I can't get it dialed in very well. The edge "crash" still triggers with hard bell hits. I unplugged the two ribbon cables like I used to with my D5 but it still triggers edge hits. What am I missing?


I had this with 2 x PCY13 (one of which was brand new) and a second hand PCY15. Do you find the edge crashes almost granteed if you straight between bow and edge, you know, like just where it becomes bell?

After talking with Bengt in 2box, I gave up on it in the end and went with a Jobeky ride cymbal as he said testing didn't show this.
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I will look into Jobeky. I did get a crash from him that works great, wish I could get my hands on his edge switch.

I have built so many different edge switches on my Gen 16's including a Myrk that I think I have decided its worth the frustration to just buy a cymbal. To bad the Yammy didn't work out so well. Jmans conversion worked really well for a few years but didn't hold up to me or the road so well. May grab another from him or Jobeky… Now what to do with the silver Gen 16's that never panned out from the $tart.


Hi i have 2 of them both work fine so far. :drum1:


I'm gonna hijack this thread a bit since I have issues with Yamaha cymbals and edge triggering. I have 2 PCY-135, one PCY-155 and a RHH-135 that I bought used locally. One of the PCY-135 and the PCY-155 work great. The other PCY-135 only triggers edge when hit hard.

I pulled the RHH-135 apart with the intention of turning it into a PCY-135, or replacing the faulty one, only to find it has the same problem, which I suspect has to do with the rim switch. But when analyzing it, the rim switch does work, but the module doesn't register it. I've tried different cables and inputs but the issue remains.
Any thoughts?


maybe you have some rubber or glue residue between the sensor and the rubber edge ...


Quote from: edtc on May 25, 2019, 06:46:42 PM
maybe you have some rubber or glue residue between the sensor and the rubber edge ...

I took them apart, and yes there was fragments of rubber inside that had come loose over the years. I cleaned it out, and thought for a while that they worked better.

I think I need to re-phrase my question thus: Which e-cymbals has the most sensitive and reliable edge switches? It's a pity that the usable dynamic range of e-cymbals with edge switches in combination with the drumit3 gets limited to the switch sensitivity.


I had 2 pcy135 so i had to use them. I have no problems with the edge switches they work fine. My problem is the bell sound  which is very low even set tho "xyzH". If someone knows how to rise the Volume of the bell sounds within the dsnd files would be fine.