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white nosie on randy black kit

Started by kubapik, November 11, 2018, 10:49:17 AM

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I've just replaced my DI5 with DI3 because of two reasons:
1. to be able to use VH11
2. to forget about eq issues with VST imported samples (VST samples sounds much different in DI5)
both things works, but I've noticed  that for example  Randy Black's and Simon Phillips have a lot of white noise at the end of the samples. Is it normal? Do You have the same?



The white noise you refer to could just be the tail-end "hiss" of the sample. Unfortunately this is hard to avoid when sampling. You can apply noise removers but this tends to affect the over all fidelity of the sound. What I do (as I find some of the ringy sounds too much) is shorten the decay just enough to cut off the "hiss" but it also cleans the sound up. Live this also works much better than really long ringy toms.

I'd guess this isn't a fault, just a characteristic of a long sustaining drum sound.

My Hovercraft is full of Eels!



Yeah i noticed in some sounds a long "hiss" after a few sounds are triggered.
Used your tip to mitigate the problem.

Thank you.