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Drumit5 Mk2 Original SD Card - stuck in slot...

Started by Ace93, September 24, 2022, 06:03:18 PM

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Has anyone had an SD card stuck in the slot of the Drumit5 mk2?  This is the original card - I have never had it out to back up the files and thought I should be doing that...   I can push it a little way in against the spring, but it doesn't release.   The unit is still under warranty, but really? 

Deve Loper

Hi. Its typical for spring loaded slots, so called push-push sockets. I prefer push-pull.
However, they might come back to life when you take tweezer / pincett and drag the card out.
Then just try in and out again.
Best, Deve.


Thanks for that - it worked like a charm!   :)   It must have taken a knock in the packaging.

Deve Loper

Thanks for the feedback! Appreciated with a reply on a suggestion.


Same problem. I lubed it with electrical contact cleaner. The card can be removed easily now.