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SOLVED: Mount for the Drumit 3

Started by VktoriusWarrior, September 17, 2018, 06:14:09 PM

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Hello everybody,

I am a new drumit 3 module user. I've had the module for a couple of weeks now, and I'm enjoying it despite some of the learning curve (which I was expecting).

My main motivation for purchasing the module, was because I have a Roland TD-25 kit and I was getting tired of the sounds.

One thing I wanted to get a better sense of before my module arrived was "How was I going to mount it?". I couldn't seem to find any good (or recent) information on that topic. Even the forum posts seemed old or not applicable to the drumit 3.

The day it arrived, I took a look at it and saw the 4 screws at the back...but nothing else to assist with mounting it to a rack. I got thinking about fabricating something myself. But then I remembered my Alesis SamplePad Pro, and the special mount I purchased for it. I did some measurements and I figured out that lo and behold...the mount fit the drumit 3 module PERFECTLY. The dimensions were precisely the same!!

So I will share the link to the mount I purchased. I hope it helps other people try to do the same thing I did! Good luck.