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Importing Individual Drums/Cymbals

Started by TheROTH, August 26, 2018, 05:14:09 PM

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Is there a way of importing individual drums/cymbals in Sound/Kit Editor software?

I just can't seem to select an external drum or cymbal to add to a kit.

Moreover, importing Enerd's kits also not happening.

Have to say, the DrummIt 3 manual is not very well written.



To add a new sound to an existing kit in DrumIt Editor is open the dkit file you want to change...(if opening the DrumIt.dkit on the SD card, you can pick one of 100 kits and edit it)
You can now select the library/directory with sounds you want to add - dsnd files and drag them to the preferred place.

The enerd dkit files are probably done with Lustarks DrumIt Manager and can’t therefore be opened by the Drumit Editor. But the dsnd files can be dragged to any preferred kit.

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