Drumit 5 module (also complete bits for a full kit)

Started by welshsteve, July 31, 2018, 11:16:46 PM

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I have just bought a 2nd Drumit3 module so no longer have use for the drumit5. It's got some signs of wear over the many tours I have done with it, but all works fine.


Also have a full set of pads and 3 x 14" cymbals. All cymbals are working but have worn edges.
£50 for each cymbal.
£50 2box hihat controller.
£50 for each 10" pad
£60 for 12"
£75 for 14" kick

Also have the rack and all clamps, cymbal arms, snare stand and kick pedal. All working but have  marks after being gigged extensively for almost 8 years.

Can do a deal for all of it.
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Hi Steve!
What condition is the bass pedal? What sort of price (posted to mainland UK)?
I might be interested in some other rack bits if the prices are right.....


Hi man,
Bass drum pedal works as specified but does show signs of a lot of use. Things like pain on the footboard rubbed away where my shoe was rubbing. The beater has a split in it, but works without issue. Over the last 8 years its been gigged and transported about in a hardware case, so it will show use.
The same goes for everything else, it's been seriously gigged but it all works. One of the pads could do with a new plastic hoop, I have requested this from 2box and they replied that they can supply them, but I haven't heard back and haven't chased it either.
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


As for prices, well... It's not worth much, especially as it doesn't look new. Depends on what other bits you want, but splitting it will make it harder to sell the remaining bits if you know what I mean? I'd be willing to sell the whole rack as one price, not sure how much though as I don't know what it was/is worth.
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


Fair enough - I guess the best option is for you to wait and see if you can get any interest for the whole kit (or at least the whole rack)….
If not then let me know and I'll either make you a very silly offer for the whole rack, or we can negotiate prices for individual items......



Sorry mate, I sold it a few months ago. Whole thing went pretty cheap too, but anything for a quick sale. It was also to a mate so I get first dibs if he sells on.
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!