Don’t forget to read the latest version of digitalDrummer!

Started by ANGR77, July 31, 2018, 04:41:51 AM

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Just wanted to hint about the latest edition of digitalDrummer Magazine (August 2018)

As usual you will find stories and reviews like the Roland TD-17 kit, Medeli's new YoDrum and the story continues about the mesh head comparisons with four more from Prism.

But the real reason to read it (in my opinion) are that you will find some interviews done by Allan Leibowitz(Editor) and his visit to STOCKHOLM / Sweden in June where we met 2box (at the owner Bengt’s home) and XLN Audio (creators of Addictive Drums) at their brand new office.

All that in the latest edition which is still free.

Best Regards

Anders / / host for digitalDrummer visit in Sweden
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Thanks! A concise but informative article. Hope to see 2box making some new stuff in the future.
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