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loading sounds into drum from mac

Started by daveplaysthedrums, February 16, 2019, 12:22:35 AM

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Hi there. Can anyone help me with information on how to load sounds into ddrum4 from a mac (OS 10.14.3)???
I have all the sounds that I downloaded years ago from ddrum.
I was using an old PC but that has died.
Thanks Dave


That app might run okay in Wine (an app that runs some windows apps on Mac OS without the need to have a windows OS on a partition)  But failing that, make a partition with Windows on it and put the Drum Tool app on it. That's a guess btw as I have not done it.
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Deve Loper

Hi Dave. Just use any mac midi sysex dump utility.
The ddrum4 .mid files are std sysex files.
Make sure there is space first in rhe dd4 mem.
How to do that google for the manaul.
Best, Deve.