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WTB (UK) 2Box Drumit5 module and other items.....

Started by paulf707, July 14, 2018, 05:24:24 AM

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I'm putting together a custom Drumit5 kit from parts. Particularly looking for:

Drumit5 module (or d3 if it's cheap enough)
Drumit bass pedal
Rack clamps / tom arms / cymbal arm
10" Tom(s)
Rack feet
Possibly hihat or cymbal pad

Prefer to stick with 2box parts if possible.....

If you have anything for sale in the UK, please let me know.



Managed to get most of the bits I need for my custom kit now..... Would still be interested in a 2Box kick pedal if anyone has one (just because I would like it all to 'match'  :D ).
Also, anyone got and rack feet they could sell? Found them online here:
But £8 each plus £5 postage seems a lot.... I'm hoping to build mine on a 3 sided rack, but that's still nearly £30 for 3 rubber feet??


did you get a drumit 5? I might part with mine if you're still after one.
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


Thanks Steve, but I got a great deal on one (and it already has the SD Card mod done, which saves me a job  :) )