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Positional Sensing.... Is it necessary?

Started by paulf707, June 05, 2018, 11:38:42 AM

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Hi all, newbie here, but long time drummer...
Played acoustic, electric and hybrid kits for 40ish years including Mapex, Traps, Roland (kits and SPD pads), Alesis DMPro, and a ddrum4 for quite a while.
Gave up gigging a few years back, and have been mostly programming (using VSTs like Addictive drums) recently.
Hoping to get an electric kit for home use / enjoyment / stress relief soon, so re-appraising myself of the current market.

Having used VSTs recently, I've become used to having 'main' and 'edge' samples of drums, and use them quite extensively.
I'm trying to decide if 'positional sensing' is a huge benefit to electric drums, or just another marketing gimmick

Any thoughts / opinions? Either from a 2box perspective, or other manufacturers?



IMO, it's critical.  -  And for more than just 'main' and 'edge'.  Just being able to move where you hit a real snare by a few inches, makes a huge difference.  Any good drummer knows this and uses it.

Doing double hits on toms also benefits.


I revived this post because it's literally the most current one concerning positional sensing, which I find STAGGERING.

I know the Drumit5 did NOT have this, which is why I never bought one.

Can anyone confirm that the Drumit3 DOES have p.s.,  and that it is implemented well, with the stock sounds?


Only Roland have positional sensing in the form you're talking about.

Mandala drums also do, but you have to use their rubber octagon pads and software to do it. There's another one too, but cannot think of the name. They're not cheap and also require their special trigger unit and software. Defo more of an EDM/Hybrid drum product though. Damn, wish I could remember what that one is called.
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Quote from: welshsteve on March 12, 2019, 09:52:14 PM
Damn, wish I could remember what that one is called.

Sensory percussions  ?


My Hovercraft is full of Eels!