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triggering issues?

Started by gorsepig007, June 05, 2018, 06:08:39 AM

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i hear they are having issues with triggering? anyone having this problem?
as im looking at getting one


Triggering is a personal thing as we are all different drummers. The trick is to set it up to suit you, there's guidelines to follow but it will require some more in depth understanding how curves/threasholds/mask times work to get it to suit you personally.
Hihats are to the most in depth part to get right, but it can be done. Even the most expensive modules will require a learning curve to get it right for you.
I'd recommend it personally. But checking one out yourself isn't easy, not the kinda thing you can go to a music shop and have it demo'd.
You could take a punt on one, if they have a returns policy, and see if suits. Do you already have the pads and are just looking to update the module?
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im getting triggers from jman soon and own a td20 but don't like the sounds so im building a new kit from ground up and like what ive heard so far from 2box