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What all the fuss is about

Started by fuzzfilth, May 31, 2018, 03:28:37 PM

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Hey there.

Just a followup on my recent endeavour in electric drumming. I built a rig that houses a 2box Drumit 3 Drum Module, a Zoom TAC-2 Audio/MIDI Interface and a place for the Macbook running Logic Pro X.

The Logic GUI looks like this

This gives me immediate access to 1280 different sounds from up to 10 VSTis, with variable velocity scaling on each of the 18 drum channels.

The settings are stored in 32 Scenes which also remember
- Automated visual Click upon Scene change
- Automated Playback of audio files (songs) for rehearsal purposes upon Scene change
- Overall drum kit volume
- DrumIt Kit Nr (currently not in use as I've converted all Drumit sounds (10000+ samples) to EXS)
- Lead sheet pages in Quicktime Player are synchronized to the Scene number

The rig can also record entire rehearsals/performances from two audio inputs

The four trigger bars on the front edge allow going to the next/previous Scene and to Start/Stop playback when tapped with a stick or a finger. Veeery convenient.

So overall, I combined the precision and speed of a really good e-drum module with the flexibility and versality of Logic's audio- and MIDI-engine. This makes for a terrific drumming experience with ease and comfort.

Thanks to all involved to help me get this going.

And sorry - this post does not fit onto your iphone screen...




This is looking very coo!  :rock:

I want something equal, can I order one?  ;)


There's several "modules" to this setup.

- the black rack itself
     - with/without the trigger bar
     - how much space on the bottom shelf for the audio interface ?
     - on a drum stand or rubber feet ?

- the Logic project
     - how many VSTi slots  ?
     - with/without trigger bar functionality ?
     - with/without lead sheet sync ?
     - with/without DrumIt direct audio ?

So which configuration are you thinking about ?