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White noise from cymbals

Started by Michael, May 27, 2018, 04:23:07 PM

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Hello everyone,

one of the few remaining problems in the pursue of the perfect setup:

Everything is  working almost perfectly, triggering and sounds are as they  should but along that process I must have done something that causes a constant white noise after hitting any of the cymbals ( except for the hihat) The white noise stays until the sound is fully played (which is about 20s) or the cymbal is choked. (ok, in practice it is always there because I just like hitting cymbals from time to time)

I thought it might be related to the SD card mod ( I read somewhere that some SD cards might cause such issues) so I tried the original card:

a) with factory settings + one additional SD3 kit -> no noise
b) with current settings (I just copied the current config files and left all dsdn files the same) -> noise

So it is something that I have configured ... any idea where to start looking? (I tried the obvious stuff like setting the thresholds to factory value (-36) and even higher, (-24)


one more thing: I had a defective cable for some time which causes white noise as well. I bought a new one yesterday, expecting that this will end the problem, but no, still there... what I want to say: Due to the two causes for white nose I cannot pinpoint the time when it happened and am absolutely clueless which change might have caused the issue


So, what is known?
1) SD card with original settings works
2) Current settings do not

I'd say start from scratch. If you get the right result from the original settings, start there and build back towards your current settings. Move in gradual steps while listening to the response. That should allow you to narrow the issue down to something more identifiable. For example, maybe it is when setting a different pad--other than cymbals--that the problem creeps in.

It may be a tedious process, and you may need to start over if you miss the point when it happens, but by doing so you should be able to troubleshoot the problem acutely. If it turns out the problem creeps in at random points of the process, then you have more evidence to suggest the problem is systemic in some other manner.

Are you using a different SDcard when you are performing the check between the two settings profiles?


going back to factory settings was something that I hoped I could avoid but I now I did and played around for some time, and now the noise is less obvious but still there. (with original 4GB  as well as with the 32GB SD card.)

Most factory cymbal sounds are without noise (most, not all)  but with samples imported from SD3, using SDSE default settings (except for the snare zones) it is clearly audible... It also seems to depend on the kit. The default kits are a little  better then the edited ones.  I will ask Lustark if he has an idea what is going wrong.

Also, next weekend I'll remove the extension cable and plug the cards in directly to see if this this has any effect.


at the end it turned out that the noise is *not* related to the module or the configuration, the SD extension or SD card. All of this works as it should.

The noise is in the samples, either in the SD3 source or more probably introduced somewhere in the processing chain (which includes computer, audio device and audio drivers) and whatever made me think that the problem was related to the config or hardware was just some stupid coincidences.

Also, many thanks to Lustar and the guys from Toontrack who helped me find some improvements. (There is a thread on "Superior Drummer sound quality" ... I will play around some more and post any results there)