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2box editor
« on: June 14, 2018, 12:44:20 PM »
Hi all

I am a new owner of a drumit5 (had a ddrum 4 SE before) and I hope you don't mind me asking some (maybe stupid newbie-questions) as I haven't found the answers in the forum.

1. When I connect the module to my mac via USB there is no "R" under "Stat". When I try to load my testkit.dkit or the Empty.dkit in the editor it says "error-can't import file. What am I doing wrong?

2. When I open the editor there are no files in the "locket single kit", "Single loop kits", "System-Information", "my kits (with a test-kit in it) and in the folder "songs". Although the content is in the folder of the box itself....

3. How can I safe my own made presets as number 101, 102, 103 and so on, or  as seperate kit- banks where I could store all my personal pre-sets  and keep the kitbank 1-100 with the factory presets..whenever I save a set (via export kitbank) and put it back in the unit, it doesn't show up after re-booting the unit...

4. What would be the best program to load in Addictive sounds? I am running Addictive drums 2 on Logic?

Help is much appreciated!

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