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Alternative trigger design for A2E conversion- no cones

Started by docadiddle2, January 25, 2022, 10:49:10 PM

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Hopefully the video is self explanatory.... 

Happy to answer any questions


Nice work. One thing I would like to comment on though. The reason the 2box sensors were under a plate was to protect them from direct hits. I can see where you have placed them would make a hit not a common thing, but in real world playing circumstances, more likely to happen than you'd guess. in that end, I would recommend some kind of protective plate attached to the hoop just over where there sensor is. Other than that, looks great!
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Yep I can see what you mean Steve but in reality it's nowhere near where I strike the drum so for me it's a non issue. I tend to place the head triggers on a lug screw closest to my sitting position.