2 Box DrumIt Five with SDHC Extender+2box Hi-Hat+Yamaha PCY-155+Yamaha PCY-135

Started by PEDROROSADO, March 13, 2018, 04:36:09 PM

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I’m from Portugal selling this, through PayPal. Free shipping to Europe
all items are like new in great conditions ,with boxes

2 Box DrumIt Five with SDHC Card Extender Cable +2box Drumit 12" Hi-Hat Pad  900â,¬

2x Yamaha PCY-135 E-Drum Cymbal Pad( 2 crash 13")+ 1x Yamaha PCY-155 E-Drum Cymbal Pad (Ride 15")   250â,¬


We should ban first posters who want to sell something straight up...