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FS 2box Drumit MkII kit with Tama hardware

Started by rickboot, February 20, 2018, 11:57:18 PM

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Price drop.

Full 2box Drumit Five MkII kit with Tama hardware (snare stand, hihat stand, kick pedal), manual, and original boxes. It looks new since it has only been played for a few hours.

The module has a flash card reader installed to make loading kits quick and easy. The module can be converted back to 100% stock in a few minutes.

I bought the kit years ago when I first registered for the forum but I lost interest and stuck to my main instrument guitar (I have no rhythm ;) ). Hopefully a forum member will put it to good use.

$1599 OBO plus shipping from 95123 (San Jose, CA).


wow, another first-poster who goes straight to business...