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SD3 sound quality

Started by makoki, November 13, 2017, 11:09:16 PM

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Hi all,

I have started some testing on sD3 sounds conversion. At first glance, and compared with BFD, I need to say sound quality is far below than expected.

First thing is when comparing the sounds on SD3 ( no matter if through DAW or using the standalone VST SD3 application) with SDSE converted sounds. I see some noticeable deterioration, including significant noise in the samples. I use 16 bits conversion with mono output.

When going into the module, things are even worsening (I’m using same headphones as on PC, DrBeat brand, high quality and sensitivity) and even with some tweaking on EQ, difficulties to get proper quality. Sounds are muddy,noisy and even distorted in some case. Worst are cymbals, HH and specially snare.

I have flattening all mixer levels, removing bleeding and even simplifying mics routing to avoid side effects (for example, removing snare bottom); while some minor improvements, still far away when compared with BFD, original 2Box or even eNerd samples. No FX applied, no strange routing. Side by side no complex setups, to get as much quality samples as possible. Even compared with some old SD2 sounds, quality is below.

When hearing directly on the VST, quality is apparently good enough, but after conversion really disappointing.

Any similar experience? Do I’ m doing something wrong (bad routing, unprocessed samples)?

Thx in advance...


Hi makoki,

It's strange the converted samples should sound the same on the computer. Is SD3 set to cache the samples by any chance?
Which program did you use to listen to the .dsnd on the computer? If it was the 2box Editor please try with DKit Manager and DSoundTool.

In SD3 make sure that the volume is not set too high or much too low before exporting (although the samples are rendered in 24-bit). I would also try disabling the Mono option just in case.

Are the sounds played at the same volume in SD3 and when listening to the exported samples? Is it with the SD3 core library or with EZX packs? Some EZX packs were known to contain noisy samples and it was more noticeable once converted because the samples are louder in the .dsnd.

Does it do the same if you export from SD2?

Deve Loper

As I made the dsnd format RIFF compatible,  you can play dsnd files in any program which can handle wav files. Just (temporarily) change the file extension to .wav.
Note that only the hardest hit should have max amplitude.
Also, the pitch may be lower so as to allow pitching up in the DrumIt module.


Right, the pitch, it could be it if it's set to a high value. Check that Max Tune is disabled in Options / Convert (it's disabled by default).


This problem has gone away in the drumit 3, I can confirm it and reconfirm it. SD3 sounds awesome.


hello, the ound rendered in 16 bit, Mocito, did you solved sound issues? exported?


Makoki, did you fix dsnd. bad sound after export from VST?, I realize that it loose dynamics


This is an old thread but I consider myself to have good ears on all the differences in quality between playback from an EZX/SDX kit* through balanced monitors and playback of said kit from unbalanced 2box monitors.

You can degrade your sound quality far worse with a number of poor user decisions than what the physical limitations of conversion will do. Mono only and Max Tune being two of the worse culprits. But if you set your exports to the best possible settings; I would say you'll be about 90% of the raw quality would you have direct feed, all things considered.

1) The conversion from 24-bit to 16-bit does raise the noise floor level, you can simulate this difference yourself when you tell SD3 to use 16-bit mode at the same volume level.

2) This raised noise floor exacerbates noise in EZX/SDX kits* which is more dependant on the original sampling, not just 2box. You will mostly notice this with noisy sample tails that end abruptly. However this can be combatted using 2box hold and decay settings, which can be set per instrument on a kit, allowing you to tweak this quite well with decay 10 and variable hold length to control the fade out.

3) Use high quality TRS cables or XLR adapters to connect your speakers. Use a DI box for any stage work.

4) Always turn up the volume digitally before analogue on 2box, don't turn the volume dial past 3 o'clock (I feel this is the correct unity gain)

5) Export with SDSE with stereo field intact to save you panning

6) Group cymbals properly so that you always have them below your drums like most mixes in the VST.

Just a few tips.  ;)


Anyone know why the samples would sound better in drumit 3? Compared to drumit 5. Is there a setting drumit 5 users need to do?


Quote from: drumguy777 on February 08, 2023, 04:31:16 AMAnyone know why the samples would sound better in drumit 3? Compared to drumit 5. Is there a setting drumit 5 users need to do?

There shouldn't be any difference in any of the modules, they're all based on the same architecture.
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