Module, Cymbals, TrigIt Set for sale ***SOLD***

Started by OliveDrab, June 21, 2017, 07:13:47 AM

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Hi all,
I'm selling thisbundle (everything you need to convert acoustic to eletronic)

-2Box Drumit 5 module
-2Box 14" Cymbals Pad (x2)
-2Box 12" Hi Hat with magnet
-2Box TrigIt Trigger Set (4x dual zone 1x single bass drum)
-2Box Cables

900 euros + shipping, will ship everywhere in europe tracked,
paypal only (you can pay striaght away and unlock the payment when the package arrives)
pictures on request

if interested, you can either send me a pvt or send me an email here:



Hi there, any room for negotiation? Will you separate any of the items or does it have to be the whole lot, i'm specifically looking for a module but would be interested in the triggit triggers too potentially. just narrowly missed out on two different modules on eBay (one was modified 32gb version too) was getting funds together, bummed that i missed out!