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Cool app for grooves

Started by Hawkeyez, August 17, 2016, 01:30:53 AM

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Hey guys, check out    GrooveShuffler     on the App Store.  It's an iOS app that deals out a ton of different combinations of grooves.  I've been having a blast using it.  What's cool too is you can press the shuffle button to get a new groove and then just modify one beat of it and keep the rest the same.

Just wanted to pass it along.  Enjoy!


Looked interesting so I grabbed it. But I was disappointed that it doesn't play the beats.


Sorry about that dboomer!  I'm going to work at adding that feature along with other ones.  In the meantime if you try practicing one daily your reading will improve. I shuffle a groove and work on it until I've got it at a tempo I'm happy with.  Eventually you're getting the different groove patterns in a minute.   I made it using cards so a person can focus on one count at a time and then put it all together.  Ok so audio with adjustable tempo a metronome.  I'll work at that.