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DrumIt 5 (original model for sale in London, UK)

Started by thackleberry, March 10, 2010, 05:32:57 PM

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Well all - bad news - I'm going to go back home to Perth, Australia shortly and have decided to sell my Drumit 5 here in London, UK (Postcode W41SY) rather than ship it. Mainly because back at home I can use a normal kit without disturbing neighbours! :)

About the kit - includes everything in the DrumIt 5 kit, including all the boxes. It's in perfect condition other than being missing one of the dial knobs (I'll prob find one somewhere though). Been patched to the latest firmware etc. Buyer can come test before buying, then I'll do/help pack it in its boxes etc. Also comes with a pair of drum sticks and a Mapex Double Braced Motorbike Drum Throne. Think I spent about £1800 all up so make me an offer. I can be emailed on