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Roland getting the fear?

Started by UC, January 25, 2010, 01:11:36 PM

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I think the ePro (think of it what you will) and 2box might be putting the wind up Roland...

That's one heck of a discount...

It's from a big UK retailer, not Roland themselves, and while it does state that it's based on existing limited stock, it does suggest that they want to clear some room in their warehouse if they're chopping £1200 quid off the suggested selling price...

I guess my point is, nice to see the big oaf getting some competition at last. I'll save my infamous fanboy opinions for another time ;D


isnt a new td12 supposed to be coming out this year anyway?

if i could buy another kit. it would be a 2box over the td12.


Roland has just introduced the 'new 'td-12 kx
As you can see,it is the td12 as we know it but with new hardware.So yes this is 'new old stock' for shop owners and they probably want to let go of this serie to make room for the new serie.
Remember the other discussion where we were talking on the hardware and the future with vst/laptop soundsource?
well..Both yamaha and roland have updated the hardware and for now not the software/module..hmmm... :-X


Pitty for the guys who bought a TD-12 last month
An enormous devaluation for the sake of some new hardware


That always happens with new products that come with powerplug ;)
keep in mind that they are advertising with the SSP ( suggested sale price),reality is that last month this set didnt cost that much either.

Baby Samus

Quote from: UC on January 25, 2010, 01:11:36 PM
I think the ePro (think of it what you will) and 2box might be putting the wind up Roland...

That's one heck of a discount...

UC I completely agree - I recall when the first shipment of 2Box kits arrived last year in the U.K, I noticed almost every TD-9KX kit had its price dropped to £1599.  The same price as the 2Box.  I didn't think it was a coincidence then, (I posted this info on the v-drums forum at the time) and I believe it shows that Roland are very aware of the 2Box, and what it delivers for its price.


what ever the exange from Euro to Yen is, in good times you could get a TD 20 (old one) for €3.500,00 in Japan, and this store must buy this set too and earn money with it, so they don´t pay more than 3.000 for it.
and Tax and transport isn´t so expensive for a big company like the big "R", is it?



On they have the fear, as well
They closed the 2Box discussion thread
Perhaps their Moderator is afraid that he doesn't sell a single vexpressions kit when 2box realy enters the US market.