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Started by carlomagno, July 26, 2009, 02:47:31 AM

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*lol* Ted Reed´s Syncopation was my first Book, when i started learning Drums  from Jimmy Sergeant in 1981... ;D

Grat Side!!!



That site is awesome! I just wish I wasn't going away this weekend now.  I want to play through all of those!


does anyone more of those sites?its great! :rock:


There is magazine called "Rhythm Magazine" from UK. They have every monthly edition a CD with drumless stuff.
You can buy it in UK of course or in ABC in Kalverstraat


Now that we have this topic open.

On the frontpage of the 2Box Productpage it says the following about the DrumitFive:

Play alongThe DrumIt Five module allows you to trigger loops by hitting a pad, play to your own sequences or connect your media player to the line in socket.

The last comment I do understand but what about the other ones, you can interprete this in different ways right?


I'm assuming once the sound editor is live then we can import loops and/or SFX and assign them to pads to trigger...