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New Alesis drum kit

Started by puttenvr, January 22, 2016, 12:33:06 PM

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Sounds pretty good to me, the acoustic kits anyway... at this price much better than the td50.


They just put up a video of the Alesis Strike instrument editor. The process of importing instruments from VST sample libraries is covered toward the last part of the video. So, it looks like it is pretty good, with sufficient amount of velocity layers and round robins. From the description it looks like using SDSE for creating the instrument velocity WAVs then importing those into the Strike would work fine. The biggest limitation I see though is the on-board 200MB per kit limit. Those of us who have imported VST instruments and kits to the 2Box module know how that is not really enough MB's for our typical VST built 2Box kits. Even the original 2Box instruments like Hi Hats can be close to 200MB.
Here is the video:
I could tell you where to stick that piezo! :D ;)


200mb of ram in 2017 ... it s really stupid IMO ... any 100 dollar tablet has 2 gb inside ...


Quote from: edtc on August 23, 2017, 12:11:44 AM
200mb of ram in 2017 ... it s really stupid IMO ... any 100 dollar tablet has 2 gb inside ...
The Strike has 2GB, but the module has a limit so that each kit (either the stock onboard sounds or one that you build with the sound editor) has a 200MB limit.
I could tell you where to stick that piezo! :D ;)


it could have a 2 tera SSD , if a kit has to be smaller than 200mo its kinda useless ...

The drum sounds much better than with the stock sounds in the video , it s a shame , cause with 200mo , as you said , you can have a decent Hihat , a snare and thats it ...



Quote from: Coda on August 24, 2017, 05:12:47 AM
Maybe a just hi-hat.

we dont care Coda , as you and me dont use E-hihat ... :)


Anyone familiar with their file structure and formats for kits and sounds and samples ?
Maybe they compress more and 200 MB is enough for a decent kit? 

Strike Kit Files (SKT) contain a table of 24 entries, referencing each trigger zone and the voice settings for each triggered instrument. There's a 2nd kick trigger specified in the file, but I can't find a way to utilize it... my inclination is it exists purely to make the record count even.  There is also a table of the Instruments used. These are stored as SIN files on the external and internal storage.

Strike Instrument Files (SIN) contain a table of velocity ranges and the table of actual sound samples (standard 44100hz/16 bit PCM WAV files) associated with said velocity ranges. There's some other data I'm trying to figure out - I'm guessing most of it is data on how the sound should be played back, looping, whether previous hits have any effect on the next hit, etc.
Posted by some mistake.


I went with the intension to buy a strike kit. I sat down at it for about 20 mins ,it had the latest firmware update , I had £1700 in my pocket, and came back with The same, it's shocking, takes ages to change kits , cymbals are the worst I've ever played and I can't see those tower cones lasting long lol, came home and bought the 2box three days later and am I glad 👍


You bought 2box module or a complete kit?
My Hovercraft is full of Eels!


Complete kit, I gig with an A to E converted kit with a Roland TD-12 (SOON TO BE RENDERED SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENTS) The 2box module works fine with my A to E kit but wanted a fold up kit again as I need the space in my car, I will use the 2box full kit for small venues and A to E for the larger gigs , I'm completely happy with the 2box pads as I'm only really an electronic drum player , learnt with a TD3 kit, then 6 then 12, I've loved my Roland gear but the sounds are all the same even the 50, when you gig with them I turn off all the EQ Ambiance and other FX Roland use to make their modules sound different and when you do that you realise it's all the same sound lol, they just repackage and charge you more, sad really as they have so much R&D that they could do way better .Then why there is the VST route but why when you have the same deal with a 2box or Mimic pro, so less Hardwear , not mentioned the strike because it's pitifully slow, same as all their gear, I've got an Alesis sample pad and that's a joke can't play samples bigger than 2mb so that was a waste of money, once I've got the hang of sampling and converting with SDSE I will be content for a while !!!!


I just exported the premier clean kit of SD3 using SDSE and selecting the Strike Module. The total amount for all the wav samples is 322MB, I would say the Strike Module will compress them even more when automapping the samples onto it so it wont exceed 200MB.
BTW, not sure if it's a price error but right now you can get the full pro kit for the same price as the zone kit here:


I've heard some good things about the Alesis Strike in the community. I'm not sure just how well it holds up against the other big-hitters though.

Here's a resource I found while trying to check it out!