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Joining 2 Box VST Club soon.

Started by drumsonly2002, October 24, 2015, 03:36:07 AM

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Used DDrums live for the last 5 years. Two of my modules failed probably age related. Impressed with Rolands TD-25 but before taking them out of the store thought I would revisit this forum and see what 2 Box has to offer. With some useful advice from JMan, the VST, and triggering aspects of 2 Box got me hooked. Found a company in Canada that ordered me a module thus hopefully by mid November I will be building a kit using 2 Box. Will be using it live with triggered acoustic drums mesh heads. Really enjoyed using DDrums for dynamics and sound and hoping 2 Box will out perform sonically my trusty Ddrum unit. Very impressed with Rolands TD-25, they have come a long way, but still hampered by lack of VST abilities. Positional sensing is a moot point vs VST useage. Hopefully VST is a bag of chips and dip as I could have bought a used DDRum module, as the onboard sounds, triggering and dynamics of the DDrum is great sounding live. Watching JMans Y Tube video's f the VST / 2 Box convinced me I am making a wise choice. In Nova Scotia, Canada it's Roland / Yamaha being sold via Music Stores thus 2 bx unmentioned. Been playing E Drums since the Simmons SD-7 days. I will have a few questions to ask once I get rolling, until then glad to be here.


My 2 box module arrived in Vancover today at Allan's Tone Guru Music Store and will be shipped to Halifax the opposite side of Canada. Excellent service and he also is a drummer using drummit 5, so knows the product well. Got some recording projects this winter and a few gigs booked in the later part of the winter. Will be using the 2 box module with the gear I use now. Got basic BFD but will expand to BFD 2 and 3 soon.