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Alternative Hi-Hat

Started by Dashriprock, March 21, 2015, 08:04:32 PM

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Has anyone tried another Hi-Hat that adapts to the 2box module,Roland,Gen 16,ect...I have given  up on this sub-par Hi-Hat.


I've had my kit since 2010: original mk1. The rack was modified retaining the ali 1.5” bars but using Gibraltar legs for the uprights. A standard snare stand supports the snare. Now rock steady.

Never really happy with the Hi-Hat. Bought JMAN's controller box & persevered for a while with the original stand & a Millennium ecymbal. The spring on the stand is so weak that it would bounce up & down creating lots of unpleasant tones. It also rattled like mad.

Modern cars have fly-by-wire throttles so why have a mechanical stand in an edrum set-up?? So junked the stand & used the rather handy cymbal arm supplied free with the cymbal by Thomann The Millennium ecymbal is a nice bit of economical kit well suited as a practise cymbal. To fit the arm to the 2Box clamp I used some leftover car radiator hose to pad it out.

Now what to use for a pedal?? …..........out came my spare kick-drum pedal from my acoustic kit. With the JMAN box (thanks Jerry) on the flat floor plate all that was needed was some junk wood to fix in the clamp to stop it rattling & some self adhesive rubber to provide a pedal stop.


Great Job,Very interesting.Thanks..