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2 Box pads and modul

Started by ficamali, February 12, 2015, 05:07:40 PM

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Im selling classic set, everything is working fine exept hi hat, hall sensore's gone but the pad is working, just playing the open hh sound always...thats the thing that needs to be fixed..
3 pads of 10 inch
1 pad of 12inch
Bass drum
2 cymbals
1 hi hat
2 box brain
Im from Serbia, ill send it anywhere you are...
For picture give me you e mail..


Already selling? The best ekit on the market. Over an issue that can be fixed? Well it's your choice.


Well its not just that, here in Serbia im pretty isolatet of any support that can be given exept of this forum, for any new piece i have to pay prob,40-50e for shipping..someone else can spend some money on it and to fix errors and to be happy for me, acoustic drums are better option...
But still its a hell great modul and kit...:)