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XMAS SALE, 2Box toms

Started by Slap the drummer, December 14, 2014, 02:49:41 PM

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Slap the drummer

2Box pads for sale
Excellent condition (treated gently!) and fitted with nearly new 682 black mesh heads
Shipped in original packing

10inch pad + mark ii clamp & rod = 60gbp + postage
12inch pad + mark ii clamp & rod = 65gbp + postage
14inch pad                                   = 70gbp + postage

Also available, 2Box snare stand = 20gbp (will take the 14in pad just, to make a cool
floor tom).  Or I do have pedal and fittings for use as kick drum.

DW 3500T Hi-hat stand, brand new in box = 60gbp + postage

Happy drumming folks  8)