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Test Roland NE10 Noise Eater

Started by Murgen, December 02, 2014, 09:30:36 PM

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Hhow effective are the Roland NE-1 under the feet of the rack (not only under the feet of the HiHat)?


They are somehow effective but I made a terrible mistake. After putting the feet of my rack on those noise-eaters and my kick pedal on a noise-eater as well I added a throne-thumper to my roc-n'soc. So, the thumper feeds back to the ground now  ::)
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They worked great for me under my rack , hi hat and single pole under my snare, too. Very effective in helping out with vibration. I live in a second floor condo and have an old prune face downstairs from me. I also had a drum platform under the noise eaters as well