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Clamp and ball problem during kit assembly

Started by HasseFX, November 19, 2014, 10:50:09 PM

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I just mounted my brand new Drumit 5 kit and most of it was a breeze. However I spent hours with two of the clamps...

I don't know if the hex rods are of slightly different dimensions, but it was close to impossible to get some rods (the module and one of the toms) to fit in the plastic ball without loosining the wing nut too far, eventually breaking away from the bolt.

That revealed some quality issues IMHO - the bolts are at least 2mm too short and the threads on them are easily destroyed when trying to fit the wing nut, making it yet more difficult to get the bolt and wing nut threads to catch.

Have anyone else experienced this and have any remedy to suggest? Right now the module hex rod is half way into the plastic ball, resulting in a slightly awkward position for the module...


I also had to struggle with some of the clamps when I first assembled the kit. You may be able to find longer bolts at the hardware store. It's the same situation to install replacement heads, not for everyone but for some kits the screws are a bit short so if the heads are not deep enough and the screws not long enough you'll also have trouble installing them.


OK, maybe some new bolts and more Dremel work required then. Thank you for the heads up (!) regarding head replacement problems. I'm concidering a 682 kit for a tighter response, based on forum advice.


Exactly. I bought my 2Box kit as a "demo" model- it was new from a store, but had been set up and played. A few of the ball-mount bolts were already starting to strip, due to the very short length of available threads. I bought the same bolts but 5mm longer at the hardware store, problem solved!



Sorry to revive a super old post but - I've found a few of my clamps have stripped their bolts, tho I'm not sure if it's the bolts or the kind of 'wing nut' on the other end... Did you have any experience with stripping and if so do you think it's the bolt or the 2Box wingnut that should be replaced?