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SSD 4 Platinum MIDI MAP

Started by ashFromCov, September 08, 2014, 10:24:45 AM

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Hi all, newbie alert! So sorry if this thread is already floating around?  Wondering if anybody has managed to successfully do a full midi map conversion for Steven slate 4? I'm having a bit of grief with the hats at the mo....? Any ideas?



I just bought SSD4 Platinum a few weeks back.....I was going to do MIDI, but got the MOD extender and am doing the SDSE exports instead. Be curious to see how you make out though.


I use it in my studio and have been getting the 2box/jobeky kit wired In for drum tracking etc... Whole  kit is great but I'm having a few issues with the hihat control, foot splash is fine, edge and bow fine but can't get edge/bow open and closed sound etc.. I.e. Same sounds on edge weather foot is up or down? Driving me mad! Have tried changing the cc control for hats but no luck so far? One thing I have noticed is that the 2box midi notes are an octave out compared to ssd4....

What's the mod and SDSE exports all about?



Have a look at the video, it explains it pretty simply how SDSE exports VST's to the 2box format.

This is the SD card mod -

What are you using to do the MIDI connection.
I have a Focusrite USB audio interface that has midi in/out. Would I be able to use that from 2box, to Focusrite to DAW?


Cheers for that, I'll be downloading this today!.. Is there any limit to the sd card size?

The focusrite will work fine, I'm using an RME HDSPe card in my computer, it works as interface with 2 sets of midi in and out plus all of my audio ins and outs etc... Don't have any noticeable latency when recording at 256 samples(buffer size)or lower.... On my pro tools rig I've notices that SSD4 doesn't like running with lower buffer sizes...


Good to know Ash, I'll have to give that a go when I get a cable.

As far as I know 32GB is the max capacity. Jman on the forum sells the whole mod package. Card and Extender. Some cards are not compatible. If you're interested message Jman. He takes the hassle out of having to source the right card and the extender cable with drive housing.


Finally got it all sorted after a few email exchanges with the slate digital team... Map conversion all good!


Quote from: ashFromCov on September 14, 2014, 07:32:14 AM
Finally got it all sorted after a few email exchanges with the slate digital team... Map conversion all good!


I might ping you about this down the road. So far the exports are going pretty good. That classic Zep kit sounds pretty great for recording. The only thing I'm not too jazzed about are the cymbals...they sound a little brash from my liking. Not sure if that happened during the export though.


Yeah no worries, I've saved a map conversion for ssd4 and 2box... Turns out a few midi notes and sends are an octave out!... Just finished a load of mixing in the studio today using the 2 box triggering midi to ssd4.... Sounding ace, cymbals on export might be due to not having the room mics etc?....  I've been using the soul tones ... Really nice!


Hi Ash I am struggling with SSD4 setting up a map, could you please help me by mailing the map you
Have made ? If you would my email is
Cheers John


I have uploaded a 2Box MIDI map file for SSD4 Platinum to my site. Just passing this one along from a member of the forum for anyone to use:

also this tip:
bare in mind that a crucial part of the process is adjusting the dynamics to suit your playing style, as this will improve the dynamics drastically I would advise anyone doing this to do it with a friend, one guy playing, the other guy adjusting a simple line (velocity curve) when it sounds the nuts save it by going to save kit in each program, hope these maps mean more drummers drumming and not reading manuals.
I could tell you where to stick that piezo! :D ;)


Sorry to dredge up this old thread but I have recently picked up SSD 4 Platinum and am having some issues with the midi mapping using Jman’s map file. I can work out moving most thing around to suit my kit layout but I cannot get the HH controller to work at all. I only get close HH on the bow and fully open on the edge. No other sounds play.

Seem like the program is not recognizing the CC control notes. Anyone had this problem and solved it?