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Sound proofing

Started by Alex, January 04, 2010, 08:02:32 PM

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Hi Guys,

What do you use to sound proof an electronic kit? I am specifically talking about the vibrations on the floor created primarily by the bass drum pedal.

I have heard about "tennis ball risers" though i'm not much of a DIY guru, ideally I am looking for the cheapest/easiest option available.



Hi Alex, I think you would be best making some kind of riser. Having a look around I can see that rubber is favourable, the thicker the better.

Have a look over at and search their articles and their forums...


Cheers Neil, some very good forums on there, I especially like all the info for Mac people - quite a rarity even now. Think i'll have a go at building myself a riser, found these very good instructions here on how to build one