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The BFD2 thread and MIDI Map

Started by UC, January 14, 2010, 09:24:14 PM

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i've set up my kit from scratch.

i think the problem is mostly to do with the fact that the 2Box brain sends pedal height information only when you hit the hihat and very very closely thereafter (generally only the foot down height plus one further message).


You want me to send you my Key Map?


thanks for the offer, but i already have everything mapped.

i just can't get the hit-while-opening-hihat sound to work as well as can be achieved with the 2Box internal samples.


Are you able to post a sound sample of the 2box version and the BFD version so I know what you mean? then I can see if mine is the same...


One of the members here passed his 2Box BFD2 Map along for posting on the forum in case it can save someone else some time. So if anyone wants to try it out you can download it here:

and also this tip to go along with it:
bare in mind that a crucial part of the process is adjusting the dynamics to suit your playing style, as this will improve the dynamics drastically I would advise anyone doing this to do it with a friend, one guy playing, the other guy adjusting a simple line (velocity curve) when it sounds the nuts save it by going to save kit in each program, hope these maps mean more drummers drumming and not reading manuals.
I could tell you where to stick that piezo! :D ;)