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2Box DrumIt Five Resource Site - updated 16/01/10 - BFD page

Started by NeilC, January 04, 2010, 12:48:07 PM

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Afternoon all...

It came to my mind yesterday that there isn't a one stop shop for all things to do with our favourite eKit. You know, there are videos here there and everywhere, audio clips, hints from users on here that inevitably get lost due to a forums nature...

So I have set this site up:

I haven't even begun to get started with it, but have a look and see if you think this would be useful? If you have any ideas or want things adding then PM me or reply to this thread.

As time goes by I will put on compatibility lists, users own website links etc etc...

This is work in progress at the moment but if everyone thinks this would be helpful then I will get it up and running properly!

Thanks, feel free to let me know what you think!



Great site
But I dunno why this couldn't/shouldnt be realized inside this site
I prefer to have 1 source.


Yeah, but it's difficult to have things all in one place when in a forum design, posts get 'lost', things go off topic, you then have to search for things within the forum that you know you read somewhere but can't think where.

I do totally understand where you are coming from, although this site will be fed by comments from the forum and from Scottie/2Box - so you won't miss anything if you don't go on the resources site... its just a place to consolidate videos, audio, tips, tricks, hints, updates in one place - but will still appear on the forum.

Does that make sense? I will think of other ways in which this can be done...


Clarity always is/was very important to me. I do like (idiot proof) simple sites.
Perhaps (don't hit me) there are just too many board entries on this site.
I mean: there's only one 2Box product on the market right now (DrumItFive) and some of the other boards can be merged into 4 (or so). Then a new (5th) board could be RESOURCES. All info just on one forum


I'll see what Tom (UC) thinks about this.

I have offered a possible solution for the resource bit if it is possible... We will see...

Thanks for your input Puttenvr


Simple is good, I agree. I got most of the board ideas from other forums, but it's obvious some of them are unnecessary. I'll have a look at it tonight :)


A while back I was thinking of doing the same thing - photos, videos, manuals, sound file download area, and (of course) a forum for the DrumIt5 . Unfortunately, I don't have the time to setup and manage a site like that.

My idea was to use a Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla with several add ons. It would have allowed the different sections to be added as they were ready and would allow a single-sign-on for the users to have access to all of the different sections and features. I figured that kind of layout would make it easy to find the specific things you're looking for, as compared to having to dig through posts.



I think this site inside a site works fine...however somebody would like to maintain it.
I hope that the 2box site will also become more full with content soon.


Hi Neil,

Very good idea I think.

I have just loaded up BFD2 for the very first time and naturally I am completely lost - in fact when I started it up via Logic it went through a short wizard screen. One of the options on this screen was to choose what e-kit you own, of course the Drumit 5 wasn't listed, so I chose what I thought was the closest option, the Clavia DDrum. Anyway, I was wondering if you were thinking of posting up the drum map you have created on the resource site? It would save me a lot of time and hassle with trying to work out what i'm supposed to be doing.



Hi Alex, i would love to post up a map, however, my .dkit file on the brain has changed as ages ago i was trying to get to grips with the MIDI notes with Superior Drummer and therefore are different to the default .dkit files you will most have.

However.... watch this:

It helped me immensely - but beware with the HH as it works differently on different samples, the Sabians work best.

I will eventually load the default .dkit into my brain and get a map for all... I think even UC was gonna try and get one, but I know he's been busy with other stuff.



A self contained resource site is an excellent idea! Can't wait to see it fleshed out!