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Module board only - MIDI failed - Part only

Started by 6828, April 30, 2014, 03:14:53 AM

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G'day people,

I have a broken 2Box Board that I had replaced last year.

It works to trigger sounds etc but the MIDI component is kaput !

I have no idea what to offer it for so I am open to suggestion and reprogramming.

Let me know here or via telepathic thought patterns between the hours of 9am till 5:30pm because that is when I am not wearing my tinfoil hat (Work won't let me any more because apparently customers find it disconcerting).

Have a great day please.

Pictures can be supplied on demand, but I can't provide Unicorns or eternal Happiness...... Yet. ;)

This item is in Australia, hopefully you've heard of it ?



That unicorns or external happiness? :'( That's a deal breaker for me. ;)