Author Topic: The Free VST plug-ins thread  (Read 3638 times)


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The Free VST plug-ins thread
« on: July 22, 2009, 08:32:16 AM »
Calling all music producing drummers!

I make use of a lot of free VSTs in my tunes - some of them crash Sonar, others work great. I'll post up my go-to plug-ins here, let us know if you have any beauties yourself.

In no particular order:

beta bugs audio VST plug-ins - I love "Crayon Filter". A lot. The whole plug-in bundle is good though.

Tweak Bench - tidy stuff up with Cairo, smash it up with Mashup, soothe it down with Padawan. Loads of great effects and synths here.

AudioNerdz - Delay Lama - Even if you never use it in a tune, you should grab this plug-in, load up some loops, and lose yourself in ambient noodly throat-music for a while.

Code Audio - for a very very dirty 303 line, try Squeekbox. Fat and ugly, just like yo' momma :D

Delemancha - ballistic plug -in (drum sampler) This one ain't free (it's $10) but all the proceeds go to Cancer Research UK. Quick and simple to use for building beats within your sequencer.

More to come as they pop into my head.

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