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welcome to the forum (stop by and say hello!)

Started by UC, July 10, 2009, 11:01:18 AM

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Yeah, let's talk English and not Dutch, French, Spanish or even Swedish

If people want to speak their own tongue round these parts, it doesn't bother me.

Maybe we should all adopt esperanto;D

sorry about the dutch, I will speak english from now on.

Write I hope ;D

ok ok you've got me hahaha  :animal:

Baby Samus

Hi all,

I was on the V-Drum forum before this (I recognise some of the user names like puttenvr/wbrs etc - hi guys) and have been interested in this kit since it was developed.  Had a TD-8 KV for 7 years, but like many here just didn't think Roland's COSM sounds are very realistic, so I sold it and am waiting to buy my 2Box.  Finally managed to get myself onto the waiting list at Andertons (U.K.) to get one from their next shipment.  First they said October, then November, then December 2nd, then December 10th - none of the dates have hit yet but apparently the new stock will definitely be arriving next week  ;D!  So with any luck I will be a 2Box owner some time next week!  Can't wait.

So I will say only two things.  Firstly, hello to everyone here!  Secondly I would like to say that no matter what has happened as regards hardware issues, production problems, shipment delays and everything else, I still really want this kit.

2Box are a small European company, and I wish to support their product, not least because Roland have never seemed interested in an open platform.  Their hardware is overpriced and the technology is a decade old.  As a Roland owner, I couldn't help but feel like they weren't too interested in the end user.  The V-Modules have plenty plus points but still the main issue I feel is their inability to recreate real sounding drums.

Besides, there is a reason why I believe in the 2Box.  It is this - The DDrum 4 SE.

I listened to demo's of that kit many times, and for technology that's almost 10 years old, it still sounds great.  If you haven't heard it before, go look on youtube.  This kit for me still challenges the V-Drums for a realistic drum sound and feel.

The guys at 2Box designed that machine, and so the 2Box must be an improvement over it.  The equivalent priced Roland kit is the TD-9KX, and if you've played it, you'll know its nowhere near as good sounding as a DDrum 4 SE, never mind the 2Box.  The TD-12 is over £2600 in the U.K (and in my opinion doesn't blow the 2Box or even the Ddrum away) , so when you look at the numbers, there's no question.  For £1600, you can't buy a better e-kit.

So if you're unsure, go look up those Ddrum videos, or perhaps some of the guys here can post some links if they know some good ones - these guys know their stuff, and with the promise of on board effects, 3:1 compression, PC Editor and new sounds, I reckon the future is bright.  The future is Orange...


Well said and welcome aboard :)

Should be getting my kit around the same time - I'll then have the dilemma of do I keep the DD4 and combine the two kits into a beast mother, or do I sell the DD4 to offset the wife's moaning :D



UC, I would try to keep them and make it up to the wife some other way.


Hi Baby Samus
Welcome to this forum. You surely will like the drums as you did the dd4


Quote from: wbrs on December 11, 2009, 02:20:30 PM
UC, I would try to keep them and make it up to the wife some other way.

Great idea!

Tesco clubcard vouchers will definitely do the trick ;D


Maybe a giftbag too that sometimes
works with mine.


Heh, is "giving her a giftbag" a euphemism or what?


That could work too. The gift that keeps on giving.

Baby Samus

Hello again chaps!

Well just letting you know that Andertons in the U.K. called today and advised that my 2Box kit had arrived!  :o

All paid for now and they reckon it should be with me soon - as they say in Glasgow "I CANNAE %$£&(* WAIT!"  Planning on doing some clips/videos for the forum so hopefully if I have time before Christmas I will post some up on the forum.  Then again, I can see myself cancelling Christmas so I can just play the orange beast till I drop  :D.

Anyway I must go now and rub my hands with glee for a few hours till it sinks in....


Hey everyone,

Since a few weeks I live in my own house in Zwolle (Netherlands). Here I have difficulty with the noise of my Premier Projector acoustic drums. The drumstudio is not isolated jet and has to be isolated. To do this in the best possible way is a box in a box. Witch is very expensive.
Or I don't isolate the drumstudio that much and buy a 2 Box Drumit five.
I have bin reading a lot, espacially the commands of Puttenvr, and the more I read the more I dislike Roland stuff. And try to find a hole in my agenda to go and play on a demo version of the Drumit five. :-\
And I think I already made up my mind to go and buy a Drumit five. Not sure of the perfect isolation possibilaties of the drumstudio. I go for the safety of making no noise. ;)


welcome aboard SoftailClassic!

go play with a demo kit and let us know how you get on :)


SoftailClassic, dat lijkt me een goede oplossing. Hoop dat je snel een kit kunt vinden. Ik woon overigens niet zover van jou vandaan.


Hello everybody,
I just gift myself a new Drumkit5, I think one of the first arrived in Italy.
I went and try some kits in Verona, and the 2box is the one that convinced me that I would have spend well my money. I tried Roland and Yamaha, but sounds are so horrible that i am sure i would have lost my passion in playng.
Well my first impression is: GREAT sounds, but poor mechanics. Here they can do better. I had to rearrange by myself the snare support who is too light and had a demaged screw. For the cymbals, I used supports from my acostical drum.
However, after this little problems, it was a great sensation start playing and enjoing so much. a very comfortable feeling.
In the next days I will setup better, and I'm sure that results will grow.