2Box Drumit5 Mk II drum kit for sale or parts

Started by Slap the drummer, November 05, 2013, 07:20:12 PM

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Slap the drummer

Greetings drummers â€"

2Box Drumit5 Mk II drum kit for sale or parts

I’m selling my 2box kit and related gear.  There’s nothing wrong with it (far from it!) but
I’m too busy to play it more than very occasionally at the moment, and I need the money.

A word on overall condition â€" bought new by me 4 years ago, set up once and never taken
down, except to pack up for recent house move - never gigged, and I’m a light hitter, so all
in all it’s in excellent cosmetic condition and in full working order.

The kit was a Mark II with improved rack.  But the kick drum was originally the first version
with illuminated front.  Personally I think they were a great idea except they were just too noisy,
so I removed it â€" but then also I was never happy with the triggering so I returned it to the
UK distributor (Hand in Hand).  They fitted a new trigger and new head and returned it good
as new, Mark II spec.  Or they just sent me a brand new one, hard to tell.  This was then never
used except to check it worked properly.  I’d started using a ‘cheap as chips’ Roland kick pad,
and liking it, so the plan was to use the 14in pad as a floor tom, but I never got round to buying
a stand for it.

The module… this is brand NEW, latest spec (with the useful sticker on front), in dedicated
packaging.  How come?  There were some issues with the original module, but I just put up
with them, ratherthan not have a kit to play on while it got checked out.  Earlier this year,
with impending house move,I finally sent it in â€" it went astray (or there was a mix up) and
the end result was Bengt just sent me this brand new one.  It has to be said that after sales
support is very good from this company (and from Hand in Hand, who I have found to be
likewise excellent).  And this in an age when most companies, big or small, increasingly
seem not to give a £%*&$ £*&$% about customer care or loyalty.  But I digress…   :)


1). 2Box Module, brand new

2). Mark II Rack

3). Plus extra side bar and extra upright (tall), also Mark II spec.
This is useful because it can be used to get an extra bar on the left, up above and behind the
hi-hat, for mounting additional (percussion?) pads.  Part of another grand scheme which never
fully materialized.

4). Full set of pads, 2 cymbals, 3 toms, snare, kick, hi-hat, and all the usual 2box hardware, pedals,
clamps etc.  The mesh heads have been upgraded with 2ply 682 heads.

5). Extra: 2Box cymbal clamp + arm, tom clamp + arm.

6). 2 x Nano pads (made by Koby), bright orange â€" reviewed in DigitalDrummer, May 2011.  Good
if you want small, like I did.  I screwed one onto the end of a 2box cymbal arm, so that I could
have it poking up into the space left front of the snare, input matched to the kick drum â€" this
way I could use my left stick to ghost in offbeats on the kick.  Or you could just learn to play
double pedals.

7). Hi-hat PCB board x 2, bought from Manfred, both still sealed (just never got round to it).
Plus magnets and project boxes.

8 ). DW3500t hi-hat stand, brand new, boxed.  Excellent choice for AtoE conversion with place for
mounting controller on the base under foot board.

9). Drum stool, Big Dog Pro F006, cloth top, motocycle style.  Excellent condition, no wear or tear
to speak of.

10). Superior Drummer 2.0, + Metal Foundry, + Custom/Vintage.
Also, BFD2.  â€" Boxed, I’ll arrange transfer of licence.

11). Bose Quiet Comfort noise cancelling h/phones, QC15.  Don’t worry, these are working fine
and never been thrashed.  I don’t like loud volumes any more.
I rate these highly and I’m going to write a mini-review for the forum â€" in a shameless attempt
to sell them.

12). Roland KD8 and four PD8’s, and three x CY8 (12in) - good condition but bought by me s/h off
ebay.  Also, 2 x cymbal stands â€" bought new by me, cheap but surprisingly robust, the sort of
thing I’d throw in to make a deal.

13). Set of ZBT cymbals, some with Stealth sound damping glued on.  Bought new for conversion,
nice and shiny.


I’ll happily ship to anywhere in EU or US, but at buyers expense.

As soon as I’ve had time to research current prices I’ll be adding a full price list for the
separate items.  Generally speaking I intend to ask for 80% of whatever is the current list
price for a 2box spare part.

Feel free to PM me and ask questions, discuss a deal, make an offer.  Or just wait until I’ve
worked out the prices.  I'm in the UK by the way.

Happy drumming,