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For Sale Stealth Exotic Wood Drum Kits

Started by Jman, April 16, 2013, 11:51:17 PM

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3 Monster kits is more than I need. I would say this is the most versatile of all my Stealth drumkits. This is the DW/Pacific Exotic kit with the drop in pan trigger conversion. The finish is Kurillian Birch, absolutely beautiful drums! Included are the original acoustic heads (never used). The converted drums can be quickly changed back for acoustic play simply by removing the drop in pan trigger assembly and switching from the mesh to acoustic head.
The drumkit is one of my Monster kits. The kick is 22" X 18", the snare on this one is the special Solid wood matching 14" X 5.5" snare, this is the special purchase snare, more $$$$ .... not the standard multi-Ply snare that comes stock with the kit. This acoustic snare is over $400 by itself to buy. I have 5 toms from 8" to 16"(floor). I also have a matching 12" aux. Snare I built myself, plus a couple of matching 1/2 toms, 10 and 12". All of the drums are dual zone except the Kick which is single zone, and work excellent with the 2Box module as well as other edrum modules.
I will be selling the kit in a minimum 6 pc. configuration. Kick, 4 toms and snare. This is a shell pack configuration, drums and original shell pack hardware only (rack not included). Mesh and original acoustic heads included.

6 pc. kit 2 possible configurations: with 10", 12", 14" Rack toms, 16" Floor tom or with 8", 10", 12" and 14" Rack toms: $1750 Shipped in continental US.
7 pc. kit with all toms: $2000 shipped in continental US
I will price out the Aux. Snare and 1/2 toms later if the kit sells or I can give a complete price if someone is interested in everything.
Here is a picture of this Kurillian Birch kit:

Alternate choice, same configuration as the other kit only the Exotic Birdseye Burst. The snare on this is also the special Solid maple snare with Birdseye maple finish not the standard/cheaper snare that comes standard with the kit. This special, excellent snare alone costs over $400 to buy.
This kit is a different triggering system, my multi piezo setup (5 piezos on snare and toms). This one works excellent with the 2Box Drumit Five module as well as other modules.

I can except Paypal, and send an invoice via your email account, or contact me for info on sending a cashier check or money order.

These kits perform absolutely superb! Besides being excellent Stealth E kits, they are incredible acoustic kits also .... plus some major Eye Candy!
Here is a pic of the Stealth Birdseye Maple kit:

I have plenty of videos up on my website performing demos on these and other kits .... Here:

If you decide to add some Stealth Cymbals to this kit I can give you a quote for Stealth Cymbal Conversion kits for converting some cymbals like pictured to complete the package...

You can post in this thread, contact me via PM, or email at
Since I have several choices on the kit configuration plus extras just let me know what you prefer ....
Thanks for taking your time ... Jerry
I could tell you where to stick that piezo! :D ;)


Here are a couple more pics:
A picture that shows the nice finish of the Kurrilian drums:
And this one gives a good view of the Birdseye Maple Burst finish:

As I mentioned in the opening post I have 3 Stealth drum kits of this size, so it is just a question of having waaaay more than I need. I love both of these kits. They are incredible. J
I could tell you where to stick that piezo! :D ;)