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2Box Kit with Extra cymbal and Tom ++

Started by Jovato, February 26, 2013, 08:47:44 PM

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$2500 delivered anywhere in the continental US.  I will gladly ship globally for more.

Okay, I blew the budget on my new acoustic kit.  I have to let this 2Box kit go.  I purchased this MKI kit a couple of months ago and added an MKII rack, cymbal, tom pad and mounting hardware.  The kit had been on display but was unused and still had the protective plastic on it.  I have had the rack, new tom and cymbal pad for all of about 3 weeks.  Act now and I'll include a Protection Racket bag that holds all of the pads, cymbal pads, bass drum pad and module.  I'll even include the extra little Simmons pad that is in the picture.  I used it for a side snare.  I will take $50 off of the price if you don't want the 2Box Hi-hat stand and pedal.  It is not that I want them.  I just don't want to ship them.  The Tama Speed Cobra pedal and Hi-hat stand in the picture are not included!!i=2347245235&k=vwMMqrf&lb=1&s=A!i=2347245170&k=TDgLtSr&lb=1&s=A


I thought I had a buyer for this on the V-drum forum.  Now it looks like that my not happen.  Shoot me an offer if you are interested.