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New song with my band Frankly - recorded using my 2Box kit

Started by Frankly, August 09, 2012, 07:02:20 AM

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Hi there,
Finally we've managed to complete the recording of a new song with my band Frankly.
The song is recorded in our rehearsal room/studio. I used my 2Box kit with real Zildjian hihat and cymbals recorded with some mics. We've done the recording, mixing and mastering ourselves.
I used the Superior Drummer with the Evil Drums pack also on this song.
The song will soon be available on Spotify (2-3 weeks) but is available on Ubetoo:


Three other songs available on Spotify, also recorded as the song above:

Hope for some response and maybe ideas how to improve the recording or the mix.

tower of p

hey dude!

this might be a stupid question...but: why did you use superior drummer and not the internal 2box-sounds? is sd so much better?