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2box mkII whole kit for sale in Australia

Started by Modus_Drummer, January 26, 2012, 03:35:01 PM

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Hi Guys,
             Im selling my 2box mkII drumit kit in Melbourne, anyone intrested give me a PM.

The kit was purchased Brandnew in box from DRUMTEK in Northcote in December 2010. Used on stage 2 times at a wedding. Everything is in well working order cannot find a fault. The kit also has loaded samples on the module from europe for eg. Istanbul and Balkans world collection, you will not find anywhere. It also comes with a rock bag that you can put all pads and and cymbols in the bag for protection.

The module only has a few scractches on it because when i used to leave the module on the rack and fold the legs on the rack, the clamps from the toms scracted it. NOTE this doesnt have no impact in performace or anything, like i said it doesnt miss a beat the module all in correct working order.

If anyone needs photo's please tell me i will post them up or message me for an inspection.
Reason for selling - i prefer rolands in the feel but great sampler.

Asking price $2,500 or willing to accept offers or even trade with Roland Td-12's. :patbat2box:



You may want to post this on as well - there are a few 2box lurkers there.
Good luck finding a TD-12. As they are now superceded, it will be difficult to get hold of one at a reasonable price. However, in a couple of months, I may have a TD-20 module for sale if I upgrade to the TD-30.
(Also, you may want to take your mobile number down if you won't want to be inundated with text spam).





Hi there,
Not sure how you're going with this, but if you're interested, I'm selling a TD-20 module (with TDW20 expansion card).
Good luck with the sale.