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ddrum4 Settings Viewer

Started by Bill P, November 08, 2009, 03:37:09 AM

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Bill P

Hi all, I have created a settings viewer for the ddrum4 module.  Ddrum users that haven't converted to 2Box may find this to be a useful tool.  I've seen several members post that they are ddrum users.

It's amazing how good this ten year old ddrum4 module sounds compared to the current Roland and Yamaha modules I have tested.  I am very pleased with my ddrum4.  I haven't had the opportunity to try 2Box yet... not available in the US.

I acquired my ddrum4 SE set a few months ago and soon realized the need to document the settings that were stored in the module.  I searched the internet for a tool to decode the ddrum4 MIDI System Exclusive message, but didn't find anything.   I then decided to apply my engineering background to decipher the MIDI System Exclusive message.  Once I mapped the code, I created an Excel spreadsheet to convert the ddrum4 MIDI System Exclusive dump file of all settings (d.AL) into setting descriptions.

Feel free to download the viewer at



Hi Bill!

Have you found how to change the filter instructions within a CDD4 file?There's some tom sounds that sounds good in the ddrum4 tool, but in the module they sound really different.