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New Alesis kit

Started by puttenvr, July 17, 2009, 09:18:29 AM

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The Sound i ´ve heard til now doesn´t throw me from the Chair  ??? Maybe the Presets are like them of Roland TD XX and 2Box (Snares and Bass very good, toms and cymbals average). I ´m missing a little bit punch for toms and snare... Cymbals sounding good... so i hope you ´ll udnerstand my reason, why i must test the DM  by myself  :rock:



Are you really saying the Alesis doesn't sound good!! What would make you think that  ;)   :rock:

Also do you mean the 2box toms don't sound that great?


*lol* :rock:
No, i mean the Presets are not the best, only a few of 128 are sounding good... and i hope the Presets of teh DM 10 are the same and the single sounds in the brain are better...